Money Back Guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee only applies to our own brands, which include MaxMedix, WeightWorld, mySmile, Eco Masters, ViaHer and Viaman.

Our products are not designed to cure, treat or prevent diseases, disorders or medical diagnoses.

If you have received a volume discount or other discount, you will be refunded according to the discount you received at the time of purchase.

Please allow us at least 10 business days to process your exchange or refund.
The satisfaction guarantee applies to the products you have purchased directly on our websites or by telephone via our customer service. Wholesale or retail dealers are not obligated to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Claims for reimbursement under the Satisfaction Guarantee must be made by the end user. We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee to our wholesale or retail customers.

We will only refund the price of the product and not any delivery costs incurred in sending you the product or for you to return the product, unless it was faulty.

We cannot be held responsible for lost returns caused by your choice of courier. We therefore recommend that you send your purchased products back to us by a courier that offers tracking.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. It is just an add-on and is subject to our terms and conditions.

We offer refunds according to the Satisfaction Guarantee in relation to the recommended minimum period of time that the product must be used. This means that if we recommend taking a product for a minimum of 3 months, we only offer a refund for 3 months of content. The same applies to products where we recommend using it for 10 days, 28 days and so on. The product must be used for a minimum of 3 months, unless otherwise stated.